A Concordance to Biblical Gothic

Magnús Snædal

Volume I (100 pages) contains an introduction and the Gothic texts
the concordance is based upon. The concordance includes all Gothic texts
in what can be called Biblical Gothic, i.e. the Old and New testament
fragments and the Skeireins, the Gothic Calendar and the Deeds from
Naples and Arezzo, the Gotica Veronensia and the Codex Vindobonensis
795. This means that Gothic runic inscriptions, Crimean Gothic, etc.,
are not included. 

The text underlying the concordance is based on the text in
Streitberg’s edition (Die gotische Bibel, 6th edition, 1971), i.e. the
text of the Old and New Testament fragments. The texts of the minor
fragments are taken from other sources. These, as well as other
deviations from Streitberg’s text, are explained in the introduction.

A lot of emendations and corrections have been made to the text,
especially the text of the Pauline epistles from the Ambrosian
manuscripts. The introduction contains an overview of these emendations.


Volume II (1257 pages) contains the concordance proper, which is of the
type ‘keyword in context’. It is a fully lemmatised concordance
containing all the words in the Gothic texts mentioned above. All
syncretisms have been disambiguated. The examples of each word are
arranged according to grammatical category and then ordered
alphabetically according to the following context.